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Adventure Games can include a wide variety of games. They usually focus on exploration and the story, but they often contain other aspects. These games are more likely to feature gameplay mechanics such as item gathering, crafting, conversation trees and multiple goals or failure options. Puzzle-solving is a common game mechanic in Adventure Games.

While Adventure Games are not in the most popular game genres list, adventure elements are included in many games. The Adventure genre is usually combined with other genres such as action, with action-adventure being the most common hybrid. Adventure Games includes escape room games, walking simulators, point-and-click, text adventures, visual novels and more. In addition to this, there are many popular Adventure Games available from developers, such as Telltale Games.

It's easy to find Adventure Games suitable for both children and adults. Adventure games for children are focused on lighter themes and have more simple gameplay to make it easier for younger children to play. These games might also be less focused on text with a straightforward plot and a simple goal for players to complete.

Adventure Games for adults and teenagers are usually more complex. These games may have a more detailed plot or one that's less clear and requires more thinking. Adventure Games targeting an older age group will also include more complex gameplay mechanics such as complicated crafting, challenging puzzles, and choice-based narrative and gameplay. Sometimes Adventure Games can be dismissed by older players due to their tendency to feature a lot of walking and not much other gameplay.

They might not always be the most popular genre, but Adventure Games still have a lot to offer players of all ages. Games of this genre can provide mental challenges if they feature a lot of puzzles and moral choices.

Adventure Games Online