FMX Big Air Bike Jump


Freestyle Moto Cross FMX bike jump game. Launch the dirtbike off the ramp to score points for distance, height, tricks, top speed, and landing. Complete achievements to earn extra bonus points. Use these points to upgrade the motorbike with higher acceleration, rocket engines, wings, air tricks and more. Combine back flips and front flips with air tricks to increase the tricks score. Use the rocket engine and wings to glide along the ground and land smoothly.

Instructions: The game is entirely controlled with the mouse. Click on the GAS button to accelerate. Change gears with the gear up button. When in the air, rotate the bike with the rotation buttons that appear. If you have a rocket engine, press the GAS button while in the air. Your fuel and height are displayed at the bottom left corner. Purchase wings to glide further and allow for smoother landings to increase the score multiplier. Finish the game by completing all of the achievements.

Popularity: 44