My Craft Craft Adventure


My Craft: Craft Adventure – an adventure game in which a craft boy is trapped in a forest maze. Your challenge with this craft boy is to overcome the obstacles to find the way out of the maze. On his journey, the craft boy will encounter many monsters that stand in his way. Can you help the craftsman find the way out?

If you are a fan of the famous craft game , you will surely love this My Craft: Craft Adventure game.

Instructions: How to play: βœ” Tap β€œleft” and β€œright” button to move the craft boy βœ” Tap the β€œup” arrow to jump and attack the enemy βœ” Tap β€œattack” and the craftsman will defeat the enemy βœ” Collect wood to build your own craft boat βœ” Try to collect all 3 stars for better rewards βœ” Collect as many coins as you can to unlock new crafter skins βœ” Combine all buttons to help the craftsman overcome the obstacles βœ” Try not to fall into the river βœ” Find your way out of the jungle maze

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