Pencil Boy Runner is a new game where you have to reach the finish line before the ink runs out!

Are You Ready For The Best Runner Rush 3D Game EVER?
Watch out for the obstacles and. The Finish at the end of the level will be determined by your ability to win.
If you with full ink, you can reach the finish zone with even greater rewards.
Just enjoy the thrill the game has to offer and donโ€™t worry about losing limbs,

You can customize your Pencil with a variety of hats and different skins. Show your style by unlocking the one you desire!

Draw your own road using the watercolour pen to reach the reward

Remember to avoid the obstacles, and reach the Finish!

Beyond others, become the first๏ผ

Win your own prize!

Instructions: Move Left Right with Mouse Left Click OR A / D Key to move Left and Right respectively.

Popularity: 151