Penalty Shooters 3


Welcome to ‘Penalty Shooters 3,’ the newest addition to the fan-favorite series!

2 thrilling modes: ‘Tier Mode’ offers 6 challenging tiers, while the ‘World Cup’ takes you to prestigious arenas.

Customize your players’ jerseys as you journey from a humble training ground to stardom. Test your timing skills with a single click – easy to pick up, yet hard to master. Compete against AI opponents that adapt and become more skilled as you progress.

Get ready to score big and claim victory!

Instructions: Shooting: 1. Observe the shot 'power' indicator. 2. Press the left mouse button (or press the screen) to start the shot. 3. Keep it pressed while the shot target is moving. 4. Release the button at the right moment to kick the ball. Defending: 1. Wait for the opponent's shooting target to appear. 2. Tap on the target to dive with your goalkeeper. Note: Timing is key. Perfect your shooting and goalkeeping skills to outscore your opponents!

Popularity: 145