The Patagonians


A single-player adventure with horror elements.
The levels of the game are filled with creepy monsters, riddles and a frightening atmosphere.

The daughter of the protagonist of the game disappears on her tenth birthday.
He rushes in search and accidentally learns that she was seen at the abandoned mansion of the founders of the city.
Going there, the hero will remember what he should not remember.

Instructions: The game is controlled using the keyboard. Use the following buttons to control your character: WASD -move the character, SPACE - jump, SHIFT - run, E - action, LMB - attack, RMB - secondary weapon, TAB - pause. Use headphones for a better immersion in the atmosphere of the game. Attention arachnophobes - there are large arachnid monsters in the game. Also in the game there are sudden and frightening sounds.

Popularity: 41