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Action Games covers a wide variety of games, but they usually feature some kind of physical challenge. These types of games often focus on skills such as hand-eye coordination, reaction time, visual perception, multitasking and more. Not only are these games a test of skill, playing them can help you develop them further.

There are a lot of subgenres within the Action Games genre which are some of the most popular game genres in the world. This includes shooter games, fighting games and platformers, MOBAs, survival games, and most horror games. The action genre is the most popular to combine with other genres, which is how the MOBA genre was born, along with survival horror.

Action Games for both children and adults exist, with some being more child friendly than others in this genre. Some subgenres are not suitable for children at all, while the others are much more child friendly. Shooter games are popular but not appropriate for young children, but there are plenty of other Action Games to consider.

For adults, there are a lot of Action Game options! All Action Games are suitable for adults due to their consistent gameplay; however, not all game themes will interest adults. Some Action Games are aimed at children. This means they have themes appropriate for a younger audience that might not appeal to some adults. Sometimes, the gameplay might be simpler to make them more accessible to younger children. Games targeting adults can also have more complex controls and gameplay mechanics.

Action Games covers a vast range of games and genres. They can be demanding at times since they require you to have specific skills to be good at them. Playing these games can also help you improve those skills.

Action Games Online