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Best New Racing Games Online

Racing Games are the type of video games that are based on racing. In case you want to drive sports or racing cars, bikes or other things then don't miss the chance and start chasing your dreams through the racing games. Some of the racing games include a proper storyline, and most of them only have tournaments and simple race matches. This category of games also lies in the sports genre.

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What is a car racing game?

A car racing game is all about speed. You generaly race against others on a course that can be set in a wide range of scenarios like city streets, country dirt roads or a futuristic death pit. Your opponents can be other players, the computer or you are simply racing against yourself and the clock.

How to play a car racing game

Controling the car is often done by normal arrow key control where you can speed up, brake, turn left and right. To win you need to complete the track before everybody else. In some games you can find boost that you can pick up and give effects that will enhance your chanse of winning.

Racing Games Online