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One of the most fantastic mythological creatures in the world is the majestic unicorn. Beautiful horses with a royal horn on their head! While most unicorns have white hair with a gleaming white horn, they can come in all colours and sizes! The ones in our unicorn games can be orange, blue, pink and can even have a rainbow mane too. Unicorns love to do a lot of different things which is why we showcase a variety of games including unicorns, including cute unicorn games!

Scroll through the list of unicorn games to control one or more unicorns and perform various tasks to help them. Unicorns games here are very varied with unicorn puzzle games, unicorn dress up games and even unicorn baking games. Not only are they cute unicorn games, but these are also fun and can make your brain as sharp as a real unicorn horn.

Our free unicorn games list is a growing collecting of the best games on the internet. With our page, there's no need to be without the ability or chance to play any cute unicorn games or any other game including unicorns. All of the games listed here feature the most beautiful and majestic creature to ever grace human mythology. Don't worry if you complete all of these great and cute unicorn games, more are always being added to check back regularly to discover brand new free unicorn games. Some of the games here are based on the My Little Pony show and the unicorns featured in it such as the beautiful and magical Twilight Sparkle!

Remember there are a lot more fun games, cute games and animal games on this website to check out on the right side of the screen. Each Category contains great options to keep you busy with all kinds of games ranging from puzzles all the way to adventurous action games!

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