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Bus Games is a sub-genre of Driving Games which mainly focuses on driving different types of buses like School bus, Coach or Double-decker. You can play anything from side-scrollers to real 3D bus simulators.

Driving games can be a lot of fun but most only care about cars and forget about the joys of controlling a larger vehicle. The bus games we have here focus on controlling the much larger vehicle which brings new adventures and challenges. There are a lot of different types of bus games available here ranging from bus driving games to bus simulator games and even bus racing games.

Driving a bus is a whole new experience with picking up passengers and helping them along their daily commute or taking them on a fun expedition to new places. Controlling a bus in any of these bus games is always interesting and each one brings more unknown things to discover.

There are different types of bus games but they focus on controlling a larger vehicle such as a school bus, a public bus or even a private coach going on an adventure! While most of these games are driving focused, some of the bus games are puzzles, colouring and more. Bus driving games can be realistic 3D simulators driving along roads while other 3D bus games might take you off-road to reach difficult places up in the mountains. Bus simulator games are the most common games here but plenty of others can be found too. Not all of the games listed here are 3D too. Many of the bus games we highlight are 2D or simple side-scrollers with great graphics to give a new experience. Some bus games are even focused on racing too!

Bus games are varied with modern urban settings and rural locations. These games are simple, fun and offer a novel experience. Jumping into the bus drivers chair lets you see the city or admire the amazing views of the wild world through a relaxing experience.

While bus games are great and mostly relaxing, there are plenty of other games on this website which are also relaxing. Remember to check the full list of other game types to discover brand new fun games. From bus driving games to other vehicles games, there are a lot of games to try!