Elden Souls | Dark Roguelike RPG


Dive into an immersive 2D RPG as a magical swordswoman. Traverse through randomized dungeons, wielding weapons with unique abilities to amplify your combat prowess. Benefit from a rich talent tree that alters your gameplay, craft powerful items, and unleash spellbinding abilities like the Black Hole and Magic Crystal. Face varied foes, each posing distinct challenges. Fallen in battle? Reclaim your ‘Souls’. Brace for an exciting, content-rich adventure and rise to the challenge!

Instructions: A, D - movement. Spacebar - jumping. Left Shift - make a dash. Left Mouse Button (RMB) - attack. Right Mouse Button - throw sword. Q - parry attack. 1 - heal yourself. R - black hole ability. F - magical crystal ability. C - inventory. V - skill tree. B - craft. N - options.

Popularity: 29