Hyper Knight


The apocalypse began and ancient creatures emerged from their graves. You are people’s only hope. Put on your armor and start fighting.

-Collect the souls of monsters and earn money.
-Find new weapons and armors.
-Discover your magical powers.
-Find a companion and it will accompany you.
-Save different towns, encounter unlimited enemies.
-Destroy the bosses that threaten the world.

Why are you waiting? Come on, grab your sword and join us.

Instructions: Kill the enemies you encounter and clear the entire room to move to the next room. After killing all the enemies, you can advance to the next level through a portal that opens to the next level. As you kill enemies, you collect souls. You can sell the souls to the Soulkeeper to convert them into gold, which you can use to strengthen yourself. After some time, an arena will open where you can compete in one-on-one battles with other warriors.

Popularity: 17