Enter the Zombcopter, a helicopter tricked out with more weapons than you can shake a rotting limb at. Your mission? Defend the last remaining intact City Hall from an endless horde of zombies. As the intrepid shooter in the Zombcopter, it’s up to you to mow down waves of funny-looking zombies. You’ll have plenty of zany upgrade choices to turn the tide of undead insanity in your favor. Get ready to laugh, shoot, and upgrade your way through the wackiest zombie apocalypse ever in Zombcopter.

Instructions: Keyboard W - move forwards S - move backwards A - move left D - move right R - reload current weapon L - release cursor and pause menu 1 - select first weapon 2 - select second weapon 3 - select third weapon 4 - select fourth weapon Mouse Left click - primary shoot Right click - secondary function Scroll wheel - select previous/next weapon

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